Conferences, Seminar, Workshops, Business Meetings

Cost Effective Solutions

We are the team you need when you’re hosting a conference and demand cost effective solutions without compromising quality.

With our expertise, you can relax knowing we’ll take care of everything needed for your conference to run smoothly, leaving you to focus on your clients and the direction of your event.

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Meetings are an opportunity to impress and engage key stakeholders. Business meetings, small or large, should never be overlooked. When you are looking for a creative and inspiring place to meet your colleagues and customers, where you can motivate, educate and reward them while leaving a lasting impression we are the go-to-partner.

Our Aim

Our aim is to allow you to concentrate on the content and style of your presentation, with the complete piece of mind
that comes from knowing you have the right team behind you.

Our Partners

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Exclusive Privilege Card

Exclusive Privilege Card is a multi platform loyalty card with allows you to obtain discounts and exclusive deals in a wide variety of business in the Seychelles, UK and online shopping.
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BoHapus gives you exclusive access to unique properties - you can choose to stay in a beachside villa, an eco-friendly resort and even on a houseboat! BoHapus is not only about the stay - is it about providing a one-of-a-kind experience with personal touches that will always be memorable. Do you enjoy traveling for adventure? A cultural experience? A honeymoon destination? BoHapus has you covered, no matter what type of guest you are!
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