Corporate Events

Effective Brand Presence and Great Hospitality

The best corporate events find the right balance between effective brand presence and great hospitality.

To us it’s quite simple – creating experiences isn’t about just talking the talk. It’s about delivering. In this multi-multi-cannel world, companies need innovative and authentic ways to connect with their audience. That’s where we can help, we produce events that do just that.

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Return on Investment

We understand that every corporate event needs to show a return on investment, be it a boost in market share, publicity and market exposure, promoting new products or services, or simply rewarding staff for their hard work.

Our Objectives

To maintain a highly personal approach and carefully craft each and every event.

Our Partners

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Exclusive Privilege Card

Exclusive Privilege Card is a multi platform loyalty card with allows you to obtain discounts and exclusive deals in a wide variety of business in the Seychelles, UK and online shopping.
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BoHapus gives you exclusive access to unique properties - you can choose to stay in a beachside villa, an eco-friendly resort and even on a houseboat! BoHapus is not only about the stay - is it about providing a one-of-a-kind experience with personal touches that will always be memorable. Do you enjoy traveling for adventure? A cultural experience? A honeymoon destination? BoHapus has you covered, no matter what type of guest you are!
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